Adapters for our tool balancing machines

The result is extremely dependent on the precision of the adapters when tools and their adapters are balanced. All of the Schenck adapters are distinguished by optimized production tolerances, high clamping reproducibility and a balancing quality adapted to the task.

Our pneumatic clamping mechanism, which is used for our tool-balancing machines, pulls the adapter into the mount under operating conditions. The clamping device enables fast changing of the adapters without tools and without additional alignment and clamping.

HSK adapters (as per DIN 69893)

The HSK balancing adapters are designed so that A/C-specific driving nuts can be easily removed. This provides you with a universal HSK adapter for multifaceted applications.

SK / MAS-BT / CAT (ANSI B5.50)

Depending on the design – whether with manual or pneumatic clamping – we offer the suitable balancing adapter for the steep taper holder. The adapter in the manual design is centred in a prismatic mount without clamping. Along with the standard tension bolts, special tension bolts are also available for BT and CAT for the variants with pneumatic clamping.

Taper collet flange mandrel/ chuck

You can use the proven taper collet for the correct clamping of disk-shaped tools such as grinding wheels, milling heads, etc. They are available in a manual or pneumatically clamping design.

Capto adapters

We offer the adapters for our balancing machines for all common sizes from C3 to C10 for the relatively new high-precision CAPTO clamping system.

Query adapters